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hwango's Journal

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Freelance artist. Hire me to draw you stuff.

Most of my recent art is viewable at http://hwango.deviantart.com/
7th sea, ad astra, assemblage 23, atomic robo, avatar: the last airbender, awakening cthulhu, board games, cacti, call of cthulhu, card hunter, carnivorous ambulatory lichen, ccgs, cephalopods, circumlocution, circumlocutorily rewording mundane phraseology, communication, creating horrible monsters, cthulhu, cthulhu's approval, culture kultür, d&d, d'resh, darths & droids, destabilizing earth's orbit, destroying gravity, digital painting, discourse, dominion, drabble, echo bazaar, euro games, exalted, extinguishing the sun, fallen london, fiction, fungi from yuggoth, game design, gaming, girl genius, hayao miyazaki, hellboy, hermit crabs in skulls, horrible doom, hyperbole, illustration, impossible things, industrial music, invader zim, jellyfish, legend of korra, locke & key, magic: the gathering, metaphorical weapons, minerals, mlp:fim, monsterpocalypse, nameless horror, nanowrimo, nyarlathotep, octopi, ohgr, painting, pangolins, petrified wood, photoshop, picasso marble, project pitchfork, pulling down the moon, puzzles, race for the galaxy, radial symmetry, raising r'lyeh, rarely used words, rhetoric, rocks, role playing games, samurai jack, sculpting, serial fiction, shambling horrors, skinny puppy, spooky cactus monsters, storytelling, storytelling games, subtle wit, succulents, susanna clarke, terry pratchett, the caverns of hammerfest, the craft sequence, the words of cthulhu, thinking before speaking, thinking weighty thoughts, tiny invisible levitating jellyfish, tzolk'in: the mayan calendar, unlikely livejournal interests, unpopular livejournal interests, webcomics, welcome to night vale, wilfred fenkham, wolves, writing, yuggoth, zokujin

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